Boris  Takes  Pictures
God likes to partypipefitterwhat's scrappeninno parkingSlimy spots suggest skipping? Such silly snails should share sidewalks. Squishing scenarios seem so supposable.True style is when your shirt matches the spot. "Earthly knowledge is but shadow." - Platoaxident freenice buttspiral survivalspiral survivalcelebrate good times come onsurreal, yet so realIt turns out staring at the sun is not so bad for you, as long as you do it via the reflection of a puddlephantom limbs
Here is a picture for you to have thoughts and/ or feelings about. If any of these thoughts and/ or feelings are noteworthy, I ask you to share them.meeting spotAmerican muscle and sinewJapanese MapleRochester, NYbarbs and barsswoop swooplineageKatietreeflectiontangled messTom's 1st Genesee Bock of the YearDr. Robotnik trims the 'stacheWinterrrrrghAcroCatLightsaberReserved for PrincipalChristmas Creeperpigeon ladyrochester, nyice cream cornerpicture taken yesterday, picture taken todayprefer the blursingle slivera lock to take inshimmering shuttlecocksbarncodea calm mindweavespiraling into controlskywaterHow much does it matter that I had no conscious reason in mind for combining these two images?plants and animalswhat up frawgdolphin poachersthank you come againediblespracticing post-apocalyptic lifesuicidal tendenciesWhat are you thinking about what you are thinking about?
(or WAYTAWYATA for short)No, seriously, I will photograph your grandma's 95th birthday.making facesThe man comes aroundlong way from homeThis here is Jimmy.fine specie, manbridal party prepweeefiery passionold chumspuddlebubblepowerful lineswoodsseeing clearlymotorcycle sunsetpeel outfalconine fungusStokedwe need to start shaving electricityahead & behindMoment of Milkdirty moneybig ol fat rainLil Leoradueling doessan diego high heelsTwan's ancestral spirits encourage him to brush the dust off and try againbeanplant fingerflipDelilahthen there's this guyMy camera decided to drop acid at the Detroit airport.trees in front of a gray sky I mean wallmuch love from Louisianacheck out what I found on the side of the roadghost of the nollie heelwhy art gotta be so serious all the time?16 species of snowhappy valentine's dayblizzard wizardCalifornia dreamin on such a winter's daythe world through a bullet holehurry up, summerdoin' bad things is funremote capture taskparasitic relationshipsconditions may applypeekabeautLonely tree in a field. North Dakota. 
The Ration Animals are some mighty talented musicians.thirstGNARCHITECTURE"jeepers creepers look at all those peepers!"_|_  :(lettuce discuss what we're seeing hereHotel room, Main St. Baby Levi, future skate legend, visits Krudco skateshop for the first time.self portraitlamp post in blizzardHere's like a social statement or something.air traffic 2Margie Ishikawapoorly peeled carrotair traffic 1shaman in a bottleenamored with patternsleaf's last mealDubstepperGO ON WITCHA BAD SELFovergraphed10:07:08, 10:07:10, 10:07:14corneredmy outletoil paintingbug eyescataracterpillarLake Ontariogetting a drinkSticks of Stokeit's herewrxget in fronna dis whip and end up like u in handcuffs- under RSSKUURRRRRRRRTtwisty turnyoverpauseashes to ashes, rust to rustThe newly anointed reverend's cheat sheetindustrioussick suds yoErik Olton got mad skillzhalf man, half dogelectricitree1 vs 162slurp the glurpRational AnimalsNot Titledlet's hear it for boobsdrive-by shootingsettin up a freshy at Lincoln City Skateparktrails and treespine needles behind tent wallshoes and skateboard trucks, Kettering, OHPraise be to Allah for this superior traction controlOne Waysblack holes are sweetThis is how we doSun + Beach + Yunegling bottle = happinessEamonn's Vulgar Songcollaboskatemigrationsnot too distantrobot armadilloHave a Grey DayI'm a jew. He's a jew. She's a jew. We're all jews yeah!GnarhaarKate is GreatOne Way to Find OutMarshall Brodsky's most serious moment legstrampled petals
Daily Happenings
Some aspects of the world which caught my attention and might catch yours, too.

All photos are listed as 11 x 14 for $30, but I can make quality prints from postcard to poster-sized. Contact me with the image title and size you're interested in and I'll get right back to you with the price.